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More than just kitchens.....

The kitchens of today are more important than ever. As the heart of the home and the place where we have our meals, they have always played an important role. It’s no wonder: more happens here than in any other room in the house. The kitchen is a meeting point for family and friends, a place where we eat, drink and laugh together, and a place that we enjoy with all of our senses. Today the kitchen is increasingly becoming the focal point of a living space in which cooking, eating and living overlap. With our customised ideas we enable you to design your kitchen to meet your requirements and to include adjoining areas like utility rooms, pantries and living areas. Make the kitchen your favourite place to be – a place in which lasting memories are made.

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We do more than just build kitchens. Going above and beyond is our daily endeavour. For us, kitchens are not just products but the history and future of our company.

We remain true to ourselves,  just as we remain true to our home town – the Franconian town of Herrieden – and its people, for whom we are a reliable employer. But what really makes us who we are is the fact that, as an independent family business, reliability and commitment are a part of our day-to-day life for all of those who work for and alongside us.

Infused by nature, surrounded by meadows and forests – that’s how Schüller looks today. Economy combined with ecology leads to sustainable growth and is the basis for our forward-looking company decisions. Responsibility for tomorrow and the day after with the cross-generational thinking of a family business. The path is laid out, the vision is clear: healthy growth, strategic expansion of the company at the Bavarian site, paired with the dynamic, worldwide marketing of our products. But in everything that we do, one thing takes priority above all else: being a reliable, innovative partner for our customers.


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