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  • MULTI AWARD WINNING BRITISH DESIGN - The Signature Knife Block Set with Sharpening Steel features 6 essential Signature kitchen knives and sharpening steel. Magnetic locators in each slot draw the spine of the knife to the block protecting the blade edge in storage. The Signature Knife Block is made from durable ABS.
  • COMFORT AND BALANCE - Knives are made from a single piece of steel (fully forged), which runs the entirety of the knife (full tang). This means each knife is perfectly balanced, while remaining lightweight for ease of use. An angled, fully forged bolster allows for full use of the cutting edge for precision control.
  • SUPERIOR SHARPNESS AND EDGE RETENTION - Knives feature a hand-applied Japanese 15° edge for superior sharpness. When tested by CATRA, Signature knives were found to be 21% sharper on the first cut, 48% sharper in use and 135% greater edge retention than the nearest competitor. The German steel is very resistant to corrosion and is easy to sharpen (Rockwell 56).
  • DURABLE AND PRACTICAL - The DuPontTM material handle is injection moulded directly onto the robotically engineered full tang. This forms a practically unbreakable bond ensuring longevity and aiding hygiene by eliminating food traps. Sharpen knives regularly using the sharpening steel or the Robert Welch Hand-Held Sharpener.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - All Signature kitchen knives are supplied with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • 23.5 x 25.2 x 32.8 centimetres

Signature Black Knife Block Set 8P With Steel

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