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Private Room

At Private Room, we believe that your bathroom should be as much a reflection of your personal style as the rest of your house.  Our distinctive, unique shower trays and complementary fittings enable you to carry your design vision through without compromise.

Your Bathroom Should Say "You"

Your bathroom is important; sometimes a place to quickly refresh and recharge, sometimes a sanctuary where you can relax and have precious "me" time, but always at the centre of your life.  You put so much effort into decor elsewhere in the house, why accept a compromise when comes to this very important room?  Functional need not mean boring, and a shower tray need not be white.  With a shower tray from the Private Room range, you don't have to settle for a standard shape and size - you can choose the look that fits you.

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Create Your Perfect Shower Experience

A shower is much more than just a "wash". It's a pleasurable sensory experience of sound, touch, and smell, cleansing and invigorating you for your day or relaxing you at night. Why not let vision add to that experience? By complementing your choice of decor and accessories, the right shower tray can create harmony in your surroundings, expressing your personality and creating your perfect shower experience.


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