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Colombini Casa Bedrooms

Colombini Casa was brought to life by the initiative of its founder, Ivo Colombini, who in 1965 decided to open a small carpentry shop occupying a mere 100 square metres, near his origins in the Rimini hinterland.

Today, those square metres have become 250,000 and the company Europe’s largest Interiors Hub.

Initially famous for having invented the iconic kids’ bedrooms, universally recognised around the world for the countless possible compositions of overhead and loft structures, almost as if building a small fortress of play, the company eventually extended its production range, introducing the “Family Line” concept, which later became known within the furniture industry as “Total Look”: if it’s possible to create a bedroom with a custom finish, why not use the same finish for the living room, kitchen and master bedroom, so as to recreate a harmonious and coordinated home in all its corners?

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What makes us Different

This valuable intuition, combined with the plant’s enormous production capacity and genuine attention to the typical processes of the artisan world (producing to size and on demand to satisfy all types of needs and avoid the damaging consequences of overproduction, recycling waste material and structuring logistics in such a way that each vehicle departs at full capacity to reduce waste and pollution), led Colombini Casa to become the most famous and sought-after Italian furniture brand for complete home furnishing solutions over the last fifty years.


Designed for All

Colombini Casa is for everyone: whether you are a lover of classic or modern style, whether you are looking for something to furnish your first home or refine a second system, whether you are single or as a couple, with one or more children, with lots of space or with very few square meters to exploit, we have everything you need to make your home within reach of your dreams. To find out more about our product ranges and who they are designed for, you can visit our page dedicated to Product Lines.

You have to be curious and always learn. I’ve never done things thinking of getting somewhere, I just got excited about doing them well and figuring out how to do them better.

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