Robert Welch has worked with professional chefs to develop a range of knives that give you comfort in the hand and the optimum cutting action. Each knife has been individually constructed for its specific task in food preparation.


The handles and blades are set at the best angle to minimise fatigue and to provide comfort in everyday use. The Signature knives feature a full tang which means the metal extends the full length of the handle - this adds strength, durability and balance.


The handles are made from a Dupont (TM) material and moulded precisely on to the full tang. Robotic technology ensures each handle matches perfectly and all joints and surfaces are carefully finished and checked to prevent the risk of food particles being trapped.


Fully forged and robotically engineered, the Robert Welch Signature knives are manufactured from German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel and hardened to Rockwell 55-56. A unique combination of cutting edge technologies from Europe and Asia that have been developed to provide a precision blade for effortless chopping, cutting and slicing. Each knife blade is hardened, tempered and laser tested for excellent edge retention.


The Robert Welch Signature blade is a precision tool; hand honed and sharpened by master craftsmen to give many years of optimum use. The Signature Knives have been tested for sharpness and durability to ISO 8442.5 using the CATRA automatic edge testing machine.


The results show that the Signature knives are 16% sharper than their nearest competitor tested (based on the first cut sharpness), 31% sharper based on ICP (Initial Cutting Performance over the first 3 cuts) and 79% longer lasting on durability during cutting.


As an overall rating for 'Initial Sharpness & Edge Retention', the Robert Welch Signature Knives were rated as 'Excellent'

Signature V Knife 4 Piece Set

  • 10cm / 4" Vegetable Knife
    14cm / 5.5" Kitchen Knife
    20cm / 8" Cooks / Chefs Knife

    • Vegetable Knife
    • Kitchen Knife
    • Cooks / Chefs Knife
    • Hand Held Knife Sharpener